Rwandan Youth in Action to clean up the Mpazi river in Kigali

We thank all our members who joined this action. Kudos! Actions speak louder.


Kigali is one of the cleanest city in Africa and youth actively contribute in making it even cleaner.


Youth leaders from Rwanda YACA – Youth Alliance for Climate Actions , Young Volunteers for the Environment, Young Water Professionals and Rwanda Wash Media joined hands for an Action called ” Cleaning Up of the Mpazi Channel” .

Mpazi is the channel which collects waste water, unused water, and unharvested rain water from houses near Jali hill down to Nyabugogo taxi park in Kigali into the Nyabarongo river. Beginning of March 2013, heavy rains had hit Kigali causing lots of landslides and erosions. The rains were reported to claim the lives of five people and destroy houses alongside the Mpazi channel.It was reported that the failure of Mpazi channel to drain water is attributable to the presence of plastic bags, stones and other metallic materials from households.


Communities contiguous to the channel are reported to use it as the dumping-ground for their households wastes. This activity hinders the channel from running smoothly.


Because of the above mentionned reasons, the Rwanda #YACA with other youth organizations decided to take an action on March 21, 2013 by removing the plastic bags, stones….everything that was clogging the channel.

— at Nyabugogo Bus Park in Kigali, Rwanda


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