The Rwanda#YACA (Youth Alliance for Climate Actions) aka RYACA was founded in 2011 by youth address Climate Change and Youth Unemployment which are some of the mayor challenges facing communities in Rwanda.

The lack of awareness and adaptation to climate change, and of youth empowerment, exacerbate the above situation.


A prosperous generation living in sustainable communities in Rwanda.


RYACA‘s mission is to capitalize actions and inspire fresh thinking in Rwanda youth for more socio-economic opportunities, environment conservation , and for becoming global citizens.

Our goal is to create a loose network of youth social entrepreneurs that creates more resilient communities to climate change while acting locally and thinking globally, and that creates employment opportunities for youth in Rwanda.

RYACA aims at building Resilience in communities through a triple Bottom-line model of 3 Is:

Inspiring youth with best practices for adaptation,
Investing in youth socio-entrepreneurship skills and
–  Promoting Innovation for solutions to issues using local resources.

RYACA aims at becoming the biggest youth hub in Rwanda, where youth would nurture their knowledge for climate change adaptation best practices and socio-entrepreneurship, and where they would have the best local and global exposure to the two.

We will conduct socio-business activities to empower youth.

We will conduct capacity building sessions and actions to conserve the environment in Rwanda.

RYACA will also serve as youth volunteer hub for development organizations to tap in as a workforce for the implementation of their environmental projects.

RYACA acts also as the Rwanda National Chapter of the Youth Initiative on ClimateChange (AYICC), the biggest youth network working to create awareness about climate change and to promote best practices for adaptation in communities across Africa.

RYACA is registered with the Rwanda Governance Board as a National NGO allowed to operate in Rwanda. Registration number is #381/NGO/RGB/2013.

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