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The project ” promoting youthpreneurship and enviropreneurship in Rwanda” also dubbed #YEPRwanda2014 is an awareness and action campaign aiming to promote youthpreneurship and enviropreneurship concepts amongst youth in Rwanda through capacity building of youth for (social) entrepreneurship and for environment conservation.

The main objective of this project is to address youth unemployment in Rwanda while at the same promoting environment conservation.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  1.  Educate Rwandan youth about the issue of climate change using  music (Audio and Video): Have the song played on at least 5 of the Rwandan radio stations, Have the video viewed at least 10,000 times on YouTube, Have the video played on (at least 2) television stations, Have at least 500 people use the song as their telephone ring tone.
  2. Promote social entrepreneurship amongst youth in Rwanda and encourage the behavior and attitude change of youth, from job seekers to job creators. We plan to do it through formal training of youth to develop social entrepreneuship skills and how to use social media network to acquire those skills.
  3. Establish a hub of youthpreneurs and enviropreneurs in Rwanda, working under the framework of the Rwanda #YACA (Youth Alliance for Climate Actions), the biggest youth network in Rwanda working to build awareness about climate change amongst youth and promoting social entrepreneurship using a triple “Is” bottom-line approach for resilience which is: “Inspire, Invest and Innovate”.

Our beneficiaries include:

  1.  Rwandan Youth in General
  2. Communities in Rwanda
  3. International youth outside of Rwanda
  4. General population

The following are the results that we anticipate after the completion of the project:

  1.  A quality and hooking song and video is produced and broadcast nationwide;
  2. More youth entrepreneurs are created in Rwanda;
  3. More people in Rwanda know about climate change and simple actions to take to adapt and mitigate the negative impacts;
  4. More youth join the Rwanda #YACA network
  5. A new local hiphop group is promoted

Our project will be promoted using the following media:

  1. Local media
  2. Social media networks (Facebook, Twitter) using the hashtag #YEPRwanda2014
  3. Words of mouth
  4. Blog posts
  5. Local radio and television channels
  6. Rwanda #YACA website (
  7. Whatsapp…

The following are the implementation steps of #YEPRwanda2014 project:

  1. Record a song on environment conservation and youth social entrepreneurship: This song will help to promote the project and help it garner more interest in youth. The lyrics of the song will be in Kinyarwanda and English. This will serve also to encourage Rwandan Youth to learn about environment conservation while having fun. The choice of hiphop or reggae is justified by the fact that most youth in Rwanda identify easily with the hiphop music and culture. So this is an easy way to communicate with them.
  2. Select 40 youth who will participate in the project as volunteers and who will be trained as youthpreneurs and enviropreneurs. They will be expected to serve as a ripple effect to their peers and communities, and be agents of change and job creators. They will also be expected to appear in the video clip of the project. The video will highlight scenes of Rwandan youth demonstrating behaviors to conserve energy, protect the environment and mitigate climate change, and encouraging youth entrepreneurship.  Example scenes will include planting trees, turning off lights and recycling.
  3. Organize a workshop on entrepreneuship and environment conservation bringing together the 40 volunteers. We anticipate collaborating with the Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda and other organizations working on youth empowerment and climate change awareness and mitigation in Rwanda, to organize this workshop.
  4.  Organize a nationwide essay competition with the theme “climate change in Rwanda and the role of youth to address it”. Three (3) best essays will be awarded a certificate, a trophy and other interesting recognitions including being featured on our website and social media networks. The winning essays will also be featured on the local media (Newtimes,…. We will use Whatsapp (the free messaging app), Facebook and Twitter to disseminate those essays amongst youth in Rwanda, Africa and the World.
  5. Organize Umuganda bringing together project volunteers, RUSA members and the Ministry of Youth and ICT.

Timeline: March-May 2014

The official hashtag of this project is #YEPRwanda2014.

This project is funded by the US Embassy in Rwanda.